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PAYE Construction Workers

If your work journeys are an average of 200 miles per week and you have worked over the past 4 years the Taxman could now owe you a tax refund of around £3,000

If you work through PAYE in the construction industry and drive your own vehicle to temporary sites itís likely that HMRC owes you a tax refund of up to £3,000

Even if you travel by public transport, you could still claim although the tax refund will be somewhat less

Answer Yes to these 3 Questions

Have you been employed as a PAYE construction worker during the past four years?

Have you worked at different sites over those four years?

Do you use your own car and pay for your own fuel to drive to those different sites?

If the answer is YES, YES, YES
you are not re-imbursed by you employer
you should be entitled to a tax refund

So if you do an average of 200 miles per week
and because we can go back four years
your claim could be around

And remember the £3,000
is after our reasonable fees are deducted

We also offer a No Refund No Fee
to PAYE Construction Workers

So if you are not entitled to a refund,
we are not entitled to a fee

Please remember there are no upfront fees as we take these from the refunds received from HMRC

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